Monday, March 26, 2012

Silencio Trio

Silencio Trio starring, Javier Lezama, Joshua Gutierrez and and introducing Alejandro Bravo. We are still raising funds for our student internship. Help us keep arts in school! Checkout the kids out.

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  1. I really am an old foggie when it comes to some of this. I went out to Silencio posting on the indie film site and could not for the life of me find the link to donate. I just clicked here and again see the request, but not a link. I'll try typing the web addy included in the narrative above, but also thought I'd leave a comment hare

    Sincen thare is prolly sum uther fouwks in the world who might jist contribute ta this werthee cause if'n they did'unt hafta spend sew much time a'figerin it ouwt two!
    Sonje Blue!

    Vagabond Ted